Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Grab a latte and get inspired at Flicker & Flock

Hello beautiful Latte Mums + friends...

It has been a long time between coffees, hasn't it?! I haven't forgotten about you + I hope you haven't forgotten about me, because as I said last year, I've been busy creating something really special just for you... Flicker & Flock, a creative haven of DIY goodness, pretty party pom poms + easy-yet-wow ideas to add more sparkle to your day.

I would love you to check it out + let me know what you think!

It has definitely been a labour of love. When I decided to refocus and plan for the future of Latte Mum about 6-months-ago, and then decided to rebrand and start fresh, my thinking was (as it usually is) "how hard can it be?!" The answer to that question - particularly when you're a fulltime mum of two pre-schoolers, have no design experience let alone website design experience + no computer coding knowledge what-so-ever - is, VERY HARD! I didn't realise how little spare time I actually had until I did this. I snatched time whenever I could to work away on making Flicker & Flock fabulous, and consulted Mr Google numerous times to help me understand what on earth I needed to do to build this website. Honestly, following this amazing time management strategy was the only way I got to the end.

So, my lovely friends, Latte Mum is not dead + it is not finished, she has just evolved and spread her wings to fly over to Flicker & Flock. Please join me there for the same Latte Mum vibe, but with added prettiness + interiors + DIY projects + perfect party ideas thrown in too.

Please note: If you've subscribed to the Latte Mum emails, you should be automatically subscribed to the Flock VIP list to be first in line for all Flicker & Flock updates + freebies. If you don't start getting these emails, you can subscribe manually at the bottom-left of the home page. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time by simply clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any of the Flicker & Flock emails you receive.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Latte Mum is growing up!

Happy New Year!

As I mentioned last year, I've been working on something sparkly and special to share with you in 2016. It's almost done, yay! We will be launching soon and I can't wait to introduce you to the very pretty Flicker and Flock and hear what you think.

Flicker and Flock is a little creative haven of DIY goodness, pretty party pom poms + easy-yet-wow ideas to add more sparkle to your day. The perfect partner in crime with a cup of coffee, so you can explore, dream, create, imagine, plan + decide on whatever amazingness you want to do next.

Stay in touch via or at

Mel x

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Spark, flicker, fire in the belly.

It has been a year since I was last here.

A whole summer has passed. Snow has fallen in flurries, and then melted away. Tears have been shed over nothing and everything. Laughs have been shared with many and no one. And on and on the world keeps spinning.

It is no mistake that I haven't posted anything here for a while. The spark was gone; I had no meaningful words left to write, and I didn't want to post here again until I did. So I stopped. I logged-out of the online chronicles and instead put my whole heart into the people that give me kisses every single day and night: my rockstar trio that keep me firmly anchored in my world, and the other beautiful people in my life that somehow piece me back together whenever I doubt myself.

But now, my cyberspace friends {dramatic pause... door opens with a flourish} I'm baaaack!

Well, not entirely actually. But I'm back to tell you something.

OK, two things.

Firstly - I never realised how many of you cared about what I was writing on this blog until I stopped. So thank you for asking when the next Latte Mum post is going to be or for telling me that you're missing my updates or for staying loyal to Latte Mum in one way or another despite me being completely dormant. Thank you for being interested + for taking the time to tell me that it matters, because it does matter so much to me too that I write; that I do this. I needed reminding.

Secondly - I wanted you to be the first to know about something new that I'm working on for 2016 (can you believe we're just about there?!). I'm busily planning and creating and transforming a little space into something pretty darn gorgeous and inspiring. I won't give away the details yet, other than it seems that while I've been still and quiet this past year, my little heart and soul have been busy remembering parts of me that I thought I'd lost a long time ago; passions + creative sparks + flickers + flutters in the tummy that tell you when you're onto something good. So I'm following that trail to see where it might take me, and what else I might uncover along the way.

I will be revealing all on Monday 4 January 2016, and I would really love to see you there - more details on location to come. Bring your post-xmas glow + New Years resolutions with you!

Until then, this is where you can find me... x

Friday, 26 September 2014

They would trade places with you

Coming to the end of Week 4 of being more mindful, and we've had a crisis of sorts in our house this week.

My Mr Almost-3 came down with his first ever tummy bug after crèche on Monday, and has been unwell ever since. It is now Friday and I am hoping with every fibre of my being that he is well enough to travel to Fiji on Sunday for our week-long family holiday. Furthermore, I'm hoping my hospital-grade, won't-stop-cleaning level of hygiene will keep the rest of us healthy. We have been looking forward to this trip for over a year, and now I can feel the tropical bliss I imagined slipping through my fingers as I nurse my sick little boy and wonder which one of us might be next.

This week is the perfect week to exercise some perspective, to be as mindful as possible and to stay positive.

I've been playing a little game with myself to try and minimise the complaining (mine) and cursing (definitely mine), and to stay positive. It's called 'They would trade places with you', and it goes like this...

When I'm cursing the fact we're on day 5 of what should have been a mild tummy bug over in 24hrs (according to me), I think:
They would trade places with you. Those parents in the oncology wards, praying for a miracle but unsure when their child's hardship will be over and they'll be out the other side; those parents would have no trouble nursing a child whose sickness will be over in a matter of days. They would trade places with you. Those brand new parents in the ICU watching their helpless baby struggle for life; those parents would love to be cleaning up after a thriving toddler that's only come down with a stock-standard tummy bug. They would trade places with you.

When I'm begrudgingly bundling my tenth load of washing for the day into the machine, I think:
They would trade places with you. All those people without homes, who are living in clothes that don't know when they'll next be washed; they would love to have a hot shower and a washing machine to clean away their day. They would trade places with you. Those mums that can barely afford to feed their children let alone run a washing machine 24/7 to keep their child's clothes clean. They would trade places with you.

When I'm worrying about what might happen if one or all of us aren't feeling 100% on the flight to Fiji, I think: Yes, poor you. Worrying about your flight to Fiji. Millions would happily trade places with you and go on that flight to paradise. There are FAR worse things to be worried about.

Thank you brain. Very true.

Like everything in life, there are always lessons to be learnt and silver linings to be seen. I've learnt that I'm not as squeamish as I thought, and seeing my little one so unwell is far harder to deal with than the clean-up. I've learnt that my two babies are far more resilient than I thought - my littlest one has been so good keeping herself entertained while I've been looking after her big brother, and my wee man has been a real trooper and still managing to smile when I know he's feeling crappy.

And so, mums out there... if you find yourself complaining or cursing this week about your toddler who is running around and just isn't doing what they're told, or is asking for another bowl of cereal, or is animatedly pestering you for a game of hide and seek... play my game, because right now, I would trade places with you.