Friday, 20 July 2012

It's Friday - time to dance!

In my life BC (before children), I would spend most of Friday counting down the clock and listening to upbeat tracks in anticipation for the weekend. Today is no different. After having one of those weeks, I am definitely looking forward to the weekend - hubby will be at home, I get to sleep in a little bit while dad & son play, and we've got plenty of fun socialising to do together in the sunshine.

So, what song should I listen to today? I decide to sing 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' later and opt instead for Chris Brown's 'Beautiful People' (Prodijig on Got to Dance UK reintroduced me to the song - love that show). Baby son is in the Jolly Jumper with a big beaming smile and I'm dancing in my very chic tracksuit pants, but it puts a smile on my face too. It feels just like old times! As I sing the lyrics I realise it's surprisingly inspirational, in a life lesson sort of way:

Live your life, live your life... the beauty's deep inside, inside you... don't let 'em bring you down... you're beautiful, don't you know....

Suddenly it turns into one of those days, where he eats all of his lunch without complaint, has a good afternoon sleep and then grows his first tooth!

What's your favourite Friday afternoon song? Hope you have a great weekend!

~Mel x

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