Friday, 17 August 2012

First family holiday

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I love holidays. Wherever in the world we may go – be it beach, mountain or city – a holiday means time away from the pressures of life and an opportunity to reconnect. The Blackberry gets turned off, the TV gets traded for card games and, best of all, a cheese platter and wine is compulsory daily fare.

Typically I’d be desperate for a holiday at this time of year, just to keep me going until Xmas rolled around. This year was no different, and we’ve just returned from our very first family holiday. It was a holiday with a difference for me; more about the moments together than complete R&R. I was worried that an action-packed week away would be too much for the little one, but he seemed to love exploring a different part of the world with us.

So, for any Latte Mums out there thinking about planning a trip away with the fam – perhaps to escape the winter chills or to recharge your batteries as you head into the end of the year – here are some tips that might help you get the best out of your break…

1. A bit of advance planning will help you to relax while you’re away. Anyone that knows me will not be surprised to hear me say this, but honestly, having put in some thought to where and when the little one would have his naps (for example) meant we were all a lot happier on the trip!

2. With the last tip in mind, I suggest breaking up the day into one morning and one afternoon activity at the most, and make sure you have some time to just relax as well.

3. Travel light – you can do it! Many places provide a travel cot and you can hire other big items like a car seat, so there’s no need to pack the kitchen sink.

4. I wish someone had told me to bring a sun visor for the car window – we spent more time in the car than usual and I’m sure bubs would have preferred the sun out of his eyes.

5. Get snap happy so you can relive your happy moments later.

Would love to hear your hot tips for travelling with kids, and any family-friendly travel destinations you’d recommend!

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  1. Great suggestions!

    We generally hire a car seat with the Avis rental car. From memory the seat is $5 total added to the car cost. We also take Violet's fav car toy (a Lamaze catapillar) to attach to the car seat so it feels familiar.

    Totally agree with the sunshade for the car windows - I keep one in my carry on bag, they are small nd fold down flat.

    Enjoy planning your next family adventure x


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