Friday, 24 August 2012

Make a date

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I'm looking forward to a big glass of wine with the girls tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to putting on heels, being out past 5pm and having an adult conversation without being interrupted by a certain cute little someone.

Gone are the days of impromptu after-work drinks and dinner. This little get together has been in the pipeline for several weeks, and will require a carefully orchestrated evening routine that allows time for me to straighten my hair in between feeding, bathtime and goodnight cuddles. It's all worth it though. I've realised it's good for the whole family if I have some time to myself, however fleeting.

Mum's aren't always good at prioritising themselves, but I saw these top relaxation tips on the Today Show this week and I'm going to try and implement them in my life:

1. Start with small breaks, such as a 10 min coffee while the baby sleeps
2. Offload responsibility and let others lend a helping hand - we can't do it all!
3. Relax first, chores second (I love this idea)
4. Project a healthy mum - take time for yourself so you can be relaxed & a good role model for your kids
5. Plan a social life... make a date!

Here's the full Today Show clip if you're interested: Today Show - Mum’s Relaxation

Tell me, what do you do to get some mummy relaxation in your day?

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