Friday, 3 August 2012

The best play in life is free

This week I’ve realised that being a Latte Mum is as much about my son’s development and socialisation as it is about feeding my caffeine habit (and keeping my sanity). There’s nothing more delicious than seeing your child reach out to hold hands with another, giggling at someone pulling a funny face or sharing a toy with a friend.

While there seems to be an abundance of music, reading, language, dancing, fashion design, PhD playgroups you can enrol your child in, I’ve found that the best play dates are free.

Earlier this week I caught up with my favourite stay-at-home Dad. Yes. A Latte Dad. We grabbed a takeaway latte (of course) before heading to the local playground with my little boy and his two gorgeous girls. The swings, slide and roundabout entertained them for a good hour and there were tears when it was time to go home. I remember the feeling.

Midweek we celebrated a Mum’s birthday with an afternoon tea party. Our Mothers’ Group descended on the (very brave) birthday girl’s house with homebaked cakes and slices in hand. The babies were plonked down with their toys on the comfy rug to play together while we enjoyed a cuppa and treats. I must say that my baby boy is getting a bit sick of the same toys, and nothing makes your own toys seem more interesting than seeing another baby playing with them. Result.

Yesterday we visited the local library to get some new reading material (for both mother and baby). Hundreds of books to choose from, and all free to borrow. I really hope that my love of books will be carried down to my children and I figure it’s never too early to start.

Who needs 24 hours of Olympics channels when there’s all this to do?!

Today… well, today I’m taking the afternoon off to get my hair done. That is most definitely not free, but you can’t put a price on a couple of hours of pampering and the opportunity to drink a hot latte in its entirety without being distracted.

What free childrens activities are your favourites?

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