Monday, 10 September 2012

Babies & barefoot bowls

My weekend was a concoction of my favourite ingredients - giggles, yummy brunches, friends, beers in the sun and family time with my two favourite boys.

At some point during our Sunday afternoon stroll by the water, I realised that times have definitely changed. Saturday night bar hops have been replaced with family afternoon antics and hangover's replaced with baby's cuddles while the sun rises. I must say, I'm really enjoying this change of pace.

And by change of pace I mean "turn left and take the scenic route" rather than "act like you're towing a caravan" - as you know, my social life as a mummy is far from stalling!

In fact, this weekend my mummies in crime and I descended on our local bowling club for a game of barefoot bowls in the Saturday afternoon sunshine. With husbands and prams in tow, we successfully staked out a play area for the babies using picnic rugs, and managed to enjoy a couple of hours of healthy competition while sipping beers and pimms. The game and venue was relaxed enough for us to juggle feeds, naps and play time with the little ones too.

This was definitely a fun afternoon that reminded me of old times and something I'd recommend to families with babies not yet on the move (like us) or older children who can get involved. The day concluded with my husband's team grabbing the Winner's Trophy while my team was awarded the Horses Arse for coming dead last with a score of 0 - perhaps not much has changed after all!

Are there any group activities you've done lately that worked well with the bubs too?

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