Monday, 24 September 2012

iPhone 0.2

I need a new phone. Mine is one of the original iPhone's and is practically an antique, complete with cracks, chips, scratches, baby slobber, curvy edges and no more room for music.

I had a weekend of two halves you might say. Time without bub one day and glorious family time the next. Although, both days have highlighted that the old mobile is not keeping pace.

I enjoyed a gorgeous Latte Mums Ladies lunch on Saturday at the suitably chic Chiswick. The weather gods ensured we had enough sun for the first Rosé of the season, which in turn ensured the conversation and laughs were plentiful. I must say, it made for a refreshing change being able to have a proper girly gossip without the constant interruption of the little one.

However, as I placed my phone on the table - just in case I was needed for some unforeseen emergency back home (unlikely, but better safe than sorry) - I realised I was completely behind the times. A quick glance around the other tables confirmed my worst fears... my iPhone is prehistoric, particularly given the iPhone 5 has just launched. First World Problems, hey?!

Sunday's sun shone even brighter, giving Sydney its first truly summer's day in months. So, we packed up the little family and headed down for a paddle at Balmoral Beach. It was the first time our little boy placed his pudgy feet in the sand and felt the ocean against his bare legs - although a mis-timed wave meant an outfit change was required!

I realised once we got to the beach that I had left the camera at home. Every mother's worst nightmare! So, I was left with my trusty iPhone to take a couple of pic's to remember the day by. Here's one of the better ones... you see what I mean?!

Crappy camera's aside, it was a perfect day. A perfect moment.

Are there any technology failures you've had? I hope I'm not alone!

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