Friday, 21 September 2012

Latte Mum challenge

Why do we define ourselves by what we do instead of who we are?

It's practically an obligatory question to ask when meeting someone new isn't it, but why? I've thought about this alot since becoming a mum. The last 8 months have offered numerous opportunities to meet new people and I've asked and answered this question more times than I can count.

I should know better. The PR girl I once was, who lost sleep worrying about the wrong shade of tablecloth ordered for an event or a 5 second delay in reaching a journalist, has been replaced by a woman perfectly content with the love of her family and knowing that everything else will work itself out. While proud of all that I've achieved in my career thus far, my job description isn't who I am.

For me, it's a momentous shift in perspective.

Even though I'm interested in finding out a person's profession, by not also asking them about their dreams, the challenges they've overcome, or their views on politics, life and love, I feel like I'm wasting an opportunity to truly bond with them.

So, I'm issuing myself a challenge to dig deeper. To ask an interesting question everytime I have a latte date. To simply enjoy watching my cheeky little monkey's personality develop without stressing about what he is and isn't doing.

Starting today. Join me?


  1. I think this is a great idea Mel! It's so easy to get caught up in the 'same old, same old' cycle, even with old friends. I'm definitely going to try and remind myself to dig a little deeper at my next mothers group meet up!

    1. Thanks Naomi - how wonderful are our Mothers Groups?! Don't know about you but it's the highlight of my week, and I figured it would be nice to know more about the lovely ladies I spend so much time with. So far so good. Hope you and the little one are having a fabulous week! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Lovely to hear! I'm finding it harder to progress past the general chit chat than first anticipated, but have managed to uncover some interesting insights already and plan to keep gently digging. Happy chatting xx


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