Sunday, 7 October 2012

Anywhere but here

After a day of cooler weather favouring the indoors, I'm feeling a little caged. The walls of our townhouse are closing in and our dark downstairs lounge designed to stay cool in the summer is starting to get me down.

Despite saying this earlier in the week, no amount of positive talking will make me feel better. I need to get out. Thank goodness for this sunny Sunday.

The little one is awake with the birds again, but that's technically an hour later this morning thanks to daylight savings. I feel like we're off to a good start.

After breakfast and a quick shower, I slather myself in the sunscreen we bought when we were in the South of France, the one that smells of holidays. I slap on some make-up, pretending like I have a date with someone important. I pull my favourite maxi dress off its hanger, knowing it's probably too cool to wear it, but I just want to pretend I'm anywhere but here. I grab a warm cardy as an after thought. I pack up the baby, and shove everything else into the pram, before opening the front door and bumping us down the steps.


My oversized sunnies hide my tired eyes, and it really does feel therapeutic to have the sun on my face once again. I flick my iPod to a playlist I made when I was at uni, and march to the beat en route to the leafy park that is my destination.
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The sunscreen scent, old-school tunes and blue skies make a delicious combination, and we reach the park in what feels like lightening speed. After a large skim latte pick-up and quick swing in the playground, I choose a shady spot with a water view and fluff out the picnic rug. I get comfy before reading a chapter or two of Fifty Shades on my kindle, stopping from time to time to help my baby boy get a toy that's out of reach or give him a sip of water. I imagine, just for a second, that I'm reading poolside with a cocktail nearby.

We reach home a couple of hours later after a wonderful morning out and about, and the house doesn't seem as small anymore. It's only when I walk in the front door that I realise I'm not on holiday. A little escapism never hurt anyone, right?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


  1. I like your new pretty blog format - tres shabby chic!! Becky x


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