Monday, 15 October 2012

Life Lessons

I thought I knew a bit about life and myself, but it seems that while my baby son has been learning how to clap, crawl and catch, I've been learning a lot too.

I've learnt I'm a worrier and a warrior, but I'm being more of the latter and doing less of the former.
I care more about others than I do myself, but that's not a bad trait for a mother to have.
Writing makes my soul sing, but only when I'm the client.
And there's no point in having a nice car if you don't have a happy family to drive around in it.

I thought life was about survival, but here in Mummy World it's about love.

Lately I've been wondering when the bubble will burst and I'll wake up in the real world. Back in a world more complicated, less forgiving, with smaller hearts and not as much light.

But maybe this is the real world, and I've finally arrived. 

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