Friday, 19 October 2012

rock a [maternity] frock

It's baby season. Yep, it seems to be that time in our lives when more buns seem to be cooking in more ovens, and I have loved watching my gorgeous girlfriends blossom into yummy mummys.
As I've been one of the first to tread this daunting path and I'm not shy in sharing my humble opinion (can't you tell?!), I've been asked for advice on everything from baby monitors to breastfeeding to labour. So I thought I'd share what I tell my friends on one of the more popular topics... clothes that fit that baby bump and work for breastfeeding too.

I'm not a fashion stylist, just an everyday girl that has been known to rock a frock or two over the years, so from one friend to another there may be some tips and ideas here that make sense to you...

Buying for the bump...
Before you go crazy with the credit card you may already own pieces that will fit as you grow, like longer lycra tops, floaty loose fitting camisoles, maxi dresses and cardigans or jackets to add layers.
You can then invest in a few key maternity pieces such as: maternity jeans, a tank top or two, a pretty top that you can dress-up and perhaps a dress (instant outfit). If you're in the corporate world, a pair of stretchy black pants and a pretty skirt that you can mix and match with tops will probably be enough to see you through until you go on maternity leave. Leggings and trackies are great for the weekends too. Don't be afraid to wear clothes that hug your gorgeous curves and show off the bump!
My top tip: When buying specific "maternity" wear, look for pieces you can easily breastfeed in too so you can get some more mileage out of them. Generally anything that's a crossover top, or has buttons or a low bust line is ideal (basically, if you can pull the top down or across to expose a breast, it will work)!
I still wear these maternity numbers: Black casual wrap dress, long maxi dresses with oversized bag and shawl
What to wear when the baby's here...
I've written a bit about this here already. I found I enjoyed my maternity wardrobe for months after the little one arrived (partly because my body was still adjusting and partly because I loved some of the pieces too much to give them up). It's also fun getting reacquainted with old favourites slowly but surely. Note to self for next time around: remember you've just had a baby and your body needs time to recover, so there's no point popping a button and getting disheartened when you can wear your maternity jeans and be comfy for a few more months!
Lift your spirits by popping on some bright nail lacquer (news flash - nails are immune to baby weight, and a quick lick of paint gives an instant feel of pampering) and accessories, and feel free to keep your mummy make-up to a minimum. Naomi at [Not] Just a Mummy has some great tips on how to get a fresh and pretty look with minimum fuss here - great for those days when you want to look and feel great but can't be bothered with make-up (which, let's be honest, is most days). 
If you haven't already, invest in a couple of maternity bras and also a soft cup strapless that you can wear with maxis. These and breast pads will become your bosom buddies!

My top tip: Raid your bag collection and utilise one of your larger ones as your nappy bag. I found I had a few that worked just as well as the expensive ones in the baby shops. Also, dig out your wraps/shawls to use as automatic privacy shields when breastfeeding in public.

Great for breastfeeding: Stripey maternity tank, cream cardy, Seraphine knit with buttons, with nappy bag and bright accessories

*Please feel free to comment if you have any style tips you'd like to share or maternity shops you can recommend x


  1. I must say I had alot of fun dressing with my bump this time as I had learnt what worked, took advice from others and read some styling tips on blogs. I must agreed a good pair of jeans is a must - I tried on many pairs before I found a gorgeous pair which doesn't even look like a maternity on. I found the Metallicus brand is awesome too, the clothes flatter the bump and it stretches back to normal. I am lucky to have lots of friends who have shared maternity clothes with me too, which has saved money to spend on other things like pampering!

    1. Hi Virginia - so great to hear your thoughts and advice. I'll definitely have to try Metallicus next time around! x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Naomi - hope your first week back at work went well x


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