Monday, 12 November 2012


Today my baby was left parentless for the first time ever, and he barely cried. It's official. He doesn't need me as much as I thought he did.

Sure, there was a quick tear when he was first plonked down in the never-before-seen lounge room, but a stash of different toys and one of his favourite baby friends to play with proved to be an immediate balm.

I should be happy that my little boy was happy to play with his gorgeous friend for an hour while Mummy just about killed herself at the gym (regretting Operation Catching Rays already), but part of me was sure that my chillaxed baby would be inconsolable once he realised I was gone.

Walking back from the gym, knowing that I hadn't been called to come and rescue my little monkey early, I wasn't sure whether to feel pride or sadness. Of course I wasn't surprised as he was left in the most capable of hands, but part of me hoped he would miss his Mummy.

I did get an unusually snuggly cuddle from him afterwards, so maybe he did secretly miss me just a little bit.

Before: Looking apprehensive but quite happy to accept the toy offering from Miss T, didn't blink when I waved bye-bye
After: Tears when I got back... what the?!
After: Happy to see you Mum, but I had a great time here!
PS. Here's an idea for those of you out there trying to reclaim some "you time" and get fit - find a friend who wants to do the same, and mind each others bubs while you go to the gym. It's only for an hour or so, which makes it manageable for the mum and little ones. Plus, it gives the babies a chance to play in new surroundings and build relationships with others, and you the chance to invest in yourself. We're only on Day 1 of this little arrangement, but going well so far!

PPS. When I say "he was left parentless for the first time ever", this isn't technically true. His wonderful grandparents have babysat a few times, but the little one has been asleep and unaware - so it really was a test today!


  1. Joshua was just gorgeous to look after. I felt very honoured to be asked. They are going to love their regular playdates x

    1. He had such a good time - hasn't stopped talking about it since! Looking forward to Friday. Will be so strange having a little walker toddling around, but I just can't wait! xx


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