Monday, 26 November 2012

Ingredients for a perfect day

Days like today are the reason why Mondayitis exists. So full of sparkle and happiness, I didn't want it to end. I've had some tough days this year, but today's perfect moments have wiped the slate clean. Today is what life is all about.

I will hold today's warmth in my heart for as long as I can, but I thought it was worth jotting down the day's ingredients in the hope I can recreate it when today's magic runs out.

The description of said ingredients seems to have poured out of me in poetic fashion - so I hope you don't mind reading the rest in a cheesy rhyme!

Ingredients for a perfect day...

An hour's extra sleep before baby wakes up
Freshly brewed coffee in an oversized cup
Each window revealing a blue sparkling sky
Happiness brewing without knowing why
Sweet french toast brunch at a local cafe
Happy kids using the laneway to play
Husband hanging cleaned clothes on the line
While I sit and relax and feel blessed that he's mine
Family swim session at the pool by the harbour
No tears from baby or his self-conscious mother
Entertaining trains choo-chooing into view
Nearby cruise ships, ferries and helicopters too
Laughter, stilt-walkers and clowns at the fair
Melting icecreams the real reason we were there
BBQ smoke in the warm evening air
A welcome reminder that summer is near
A contented baby who'll sleep soundly tonight
Red wine that complements our dinner just right
Today was delicious in every respect
As perfect as a day can get

Poser? Moi?

All smiles for the swim this time Mummy

Enjoying the colours, sounds and atmosphere

*How did you spend your Sunday? What are your "perfect day" ingredients?

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