Sunday, 16 December 2012

Fighting the frump

I have a confession. Lately I've been more Whatever Mum than Latte Mum. I don't know how or when it happened, but I've suddenly realised that I now find it perfectly acceptable to leave the house with vegemite smeared on my pants and the faint smell of old milk on my top.

I swore this would never happen to me.
So, I made a real effort for Mothers Group this past week. I slathered a face mask on the night before, pulled out a bright polish to pop on my nails and even washed my hair. Do you want to know the results?

- It took longer than usual to get out the door to playgroup (surprise, surprise)
- Bubs was more impatient than ever to get in his pram and outside (surprise, surprise, surprise)
- I got a few random looks from the construction workers down the road (not ideal)
- Everyone in my lovely Mothers Group was busy xmas shopping or back at work, so there was noone to appreciate the fruits of my labour anyway (oh well)
- My bright nails in particular did make me feel a bit happier (small win, I guess?)

It's funny though isn't it? We can be sooooo adamant about how we will act in situations before we've ever experienced it, only to find that the masses were right all along once we're actually there. I mean, I entertained romantic ideas of dressing my baby in pristine white designer outfits every time we went out for coffee and me carrying some kind of new-mother halo / glow wherever I went. Well, I guess I've succeeded if an overwashed-white-onesie-that's-now-beige and concealer-under-tired-eyes counts?!

The thing is... I just love it here. I love having vegemite on my pants. It means I've cuddled my baby without worrying about what mess he has on his fingers. It means I care more about life than what I look like (most of the time). It means I'm a mum, a very proud mum.

*Tell me, is there anything you swore you would or wouldn't do as a parent that you've changed your mind on?


  1. You know Mel, I'm totally proud of you too. What a great mum. Totally identify with the "I'll never dress my child in..." Went to a fleamarket in the weekend and bought ugly snowboots and snowgloves with cartoons on. That was NEVER going to happen in our house!

    1. Haha! You've got to love a good cartoon-adorned snowboot - gorgeous! x

  2. I had a long list of "With my children, I will / will never..." and ate every single word of that list! So now, I almost make a point to do what I said or thought I wouldn't do: L had french fries and chocolate before her 1st birthday (it didn't kill her), I never combed her hair with the pretty soft brush (she still looks gorgeous), I rarely stay home for her morning nap (she adapts and sleeps when/where she needs to) and I use supermarket non-organic bath gel (she is still clean)... But one thing is for certain, I enjoy it all way more than when I used to worry about the little things :)

  3. SOunds like you've got you first mum badge. Vegemite smear is the best. Don't stress about your appearance, just go with the flow of the day. If you end up wearing yoga pants until he's in school that's just fine :)

    1. Oh I love yoga pants! Am thinking they'll be in my wardrobe for a few more years to come :)


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