Saturday, 16 March 2013

The breast* thing happened last night...

In the midst of all this moving chaos, I have decided to wean the little one. It probably would have happened earlier, but we decided to keep going until we got back from Hawaii so that I could feed and settle him on the plane if needed.

But the time has now come.

I'm not as sad about it as I thought I would be. It's fair to say I've had a love hate relationship with breastfeeding in the past 14 months. I just about threw in the towel many times in the first couple of weeks, but somehow struggled through the endless bouts of mastitis, pain and constant feeling of being attached to my bub (which I kinda was, I guess), and feel lucky that we've come this far. It did end up being a positive, and certainly convenient, experience in the end.

So I started by dropping the evening feed as soon as we got home from our holiday. Between his bath, post-holiday sleepiness and bedtime story, he barely noticed. A few days later I dropped the morning feed, and that was that.

I suppose I should be thankful that it happened seamlessly, without too many tears (from either of us) or tantrums. Naturally, it feels like the end of an era. A 'goodbye' to my baby's babyness. The start of a new chapter for all of us, particularly with a new place to call home in just 2 weeks time.

I didn't really think about the positives of weaning, more that it was just a necessary part of his growing up. But last night I experienced a really massive positive, it was the BEST thing...

I heard the bambino wake just after we'd had dinner - an unusual occurrence - but I could tell by the whimpering cry that a nightmare must have woken him up. I crept up to his room, picked him up to give him a cuddle and then, he fell asleep on my shoulder. He hasn't done that since he was little. I could have never done this pre-weaning, as my presence would have awoken a baby beast inside him resulting in him screaming the house down demanding to be fed before going back to sleep. But not tonight. I gently lifted him off my shoulder (after savouring the moment for a while) and then popped him back into his cot, stroking his little forehead until he was in a deep sleep, tucked him in, and crept back out again. My heart was full. Tonight I was just a Mummy, not a milk bar.

Was there anything you particularly missed when you said goodbye to your baby and hello to a toddler?

Sleeping baby - back in the day when sleeping on my shoulder was the norm

*Please note: this title was my attempt at being clever - the best thing that happened, the breast thing that happened, get it?!

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