Monday, 25 March 2013

The home stretch

I will miss this...
Pushing the pram down our long drive towards a pot of sunshine and fun day ahead
I will miss this...
Our local Balmoral Beach, almost better than Fiji
I will miss them...

Mummy friends and their beautiful bubs
And he will particularly miss her...
Bye-bye Zoe
I will even miss this...
Our little shopping mecca just 2 mins walk down the road - coffee, nail bar, bakery and deli - need I say more
I will miss the excited chaos of living in a city that houses more people than my entire home country.
I will miss the endless blue skies and warm winds.
I will miss all of the wonderful, crazy, funny, warm, kind souls we call friends here.
Most of all, I will miss this land, with its red heart, beautiful coastline and the place where we got engaged, shared our first house together and had our first child.

But, I miss our family more. I miss them more than everything else combined and then some. And that is why now is the time to go home. I'm sure we've made the right decision. I hope we have... because we go at the end of this week, eek!

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  1. Oh that made me a little sad! I will make your transition easier (I hope) and show you the sights. We have missed you three too and are looking forward to you coming home. H x


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