Thursday, 11 April 2013

We're here

We've been back in NZ for one and a half weeks, and while my body's tired my heart is full. We packed up our little house in Sydney without too many troubles, closed the door without shedding a tear, said goodbye to our friends and waved at the Harbour Bridge as we flew overhead.

Midway through the flight, the little one - who was over tired and emotional - had a minor melt down. OK, he cracked it. He doesn't crack it often, and mummy - who was over tired and emotional, and trying to ignore the glares coming from the passengers nearby - promptly cracked it too. Thank goodness for the men in our lives who somehow seem to be cool, calm and collected at the right moments (despite being ridiculously silly the rest of the time)!

But we made it. We're here.

The past 1.5 weeks have been so action packed I feel like we've been here for months. I've managed to...
Have coffee with my sister 3 times
View more than 20 homes for sale
Cook dinner, vacuum, clean the bathroom 0 (yes, z-e-r-o) times - my mother-in-law is a saint
Use 1 tank of petrol, that's 4 times quicker than I would in Sydney - sorry planet!
Go shopping for "things I need" every second day
Watch 30 minutes of daytime television, total (see what happens when my programmes saved to FoxtelIQ is no longer?! Real Housewives, I miss you)
Meet 4 new friends at playgroup (both of us)
Cry once
Laugh a hundred times
Thank my lucky stars, every day

My little life is full of stories right now, it's hard to know what to share, what to tell, and where to find the time to write! Please feel free to tell me what you want to know... house hunting, living with the in-laws, moving country, meeting new mums etc. etc. etc.?

I hope that, wherever you are, your heart is full too.

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  1. So happy to hear you are settling in already, can't wait to join you there... eta two weeks! lots of love flea xo


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