Friday, 3 May 2013

Time traveller

Everyone tells you the time will fly, but you never believe it until one day you wake up and wonder where the last year has gone. Where the last few years have gone, if I'm being truthful.

I'm sure that just a few daydreams ago I was thinking about forging a career, wondering when I'd meet the one for me, settle down, have babies. Then, in just a few heartbeats here I am, in this life. In this beautiful dreamy world of mine, but one that's going too fast.

Time is not just flying, it's travelling first class on the next-generation supersonic airliner.

Honestly, the last time I looked, my baby was kicking merrily on a brightly coloured activity mat after a breastfeed. Fast forward to last week, and you'll see he ate roast chicken with green beans and added a pig oink to his rapidly growing list of tricks.

It wasn't until today that it suddenly dawned on me my baby can talk. He can bloody talk! His gurgles and sounds are starting to make sense - they have for some time now when I really think about it - but part of me couldn't quite believe it wasn't all a fluke. Then, this morning he said "oh no-no-no" and shook his little golden head when he saw his toothbrush (aka his most despised apparatus), and I knew then that a year or more must have passed without me even realising it.

Time does fly. It really does, my friends. But my god, I am so glad I get to fly with it.

Time to grab your wings and fly
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  1. It flies faster with every year, I promise. I cannot believe I have a 12 and a 9 yo old and we've been together 23 years! So much time gone in the blink of an eye. Treasure it.


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