Friday, 12 July 2013


Our little household has been battling the dreaded winter lurgy this week. Even as I write this, I am sneezing over the keyboard, my head feels like it's going explode and my body's aching. It really is as gross as it sounds.

The epidemic swept in and blew us over without warning. It started with the little guy, picked up I'm sure from an infected sandpit toy he was playing with at playgroup. My husband fell next, clearly affected more than anyone could imagine. So much so, I thought he was going to die of man flu at any moment. After looking after the two of them, it was inevitable that I would be next. 

Through the mountain of tissues, throat lozenge wrappers and eucalyptus vapours, I managed to learn a few things this week.

Tissues, tissues and more tissues
1. There's nothing sadder than seeing the little man's face with watery blue eyes and a red runny nose, looking at me for some miracle cure that I don't have.

2. After clearing his first year of life without any ailments, it was only a matter of time before playgroup and therefore coughs, colds and tummy bugs became part of our lives.

3. My usually very capable husband becomes completely incapacitated at the first sign of a sniffle. Far from being a myth, man flu really does seem to be the deadliest disease on the planet. Thank goodness he's going to be ok... this time.

4. The little man doesn't care that I feel like crap and am unable to take anything other than lemon & honey tea to make me feel better (thanks to the bump). As such, it was business as usual for me this week.

5. I don't care that I feel like crap and am unable to take anything other than lemon & honey tea, because the only thing that makes me feel better is getting a kiss from my recovered little boy. Which I got today, in abundance.

* Tell me, how do you keep the bugs at bay in your household?

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