Monday, 1 July 2013

Second pregnancy surprises

Everyone says your second pregnancy will be different to your first. As with most other things I was told about motherhood, I decided to ignore this statement too. Of course I will take as many pictures of my growing belly the second time around, I thought. Of course I will be as fascinated by the week-by-week changes and the first fluttery kicks as I was the first time, I decided.

Now over halfway with pregnancy number two, I think it's fair to say my experience has been half-half.

My Top 5 pregnancy experiences that have stayed the same:
  1. I have taken the same number of bump pics as the first time around. Granted I didn't set a high benchmark to start with, but still!
  2. I feel ravenous all the time.
  3. Even though I know that weight gain during pregnancy is healthy and normal, and even though I know I will eventually lose the baby weight, I still worry when I see how much those scales jump up each week (particularly with the number of muffins and cookies I eat, see point 2).
  4. Everything annoys me - from my husband's breathing to the way the supermarket scanner beeps at the checkout.
  5. I can't wait to have a big fat glass of wine (a common theme in previous posts too, you might say). My body didn't get the memo about finding anything not allowed during pregnancy repulsive - instead my mouth waters whenever I smell red wine, white wine, beer, gin...

Proof of point 1: Baby bump #2 at 21 weeks... just the other day!

My Top 5 pregnancy surprises unique to #2:
  1. My body feels more efficient this time around. My bump is smaller than it was at this stage the first time, I feel like I'm more mobile, have more energy and I'm not aching as much. Let's hope this continues!
  2. I feel more emotional when I feel kicks and when I see our little baby on the scans, than I did the first time around. It was surreal back then. Now I know how wonderful the end product is, I'm even more amazed by the little person growing inside me.
  3. This time around I got to experience morning sickness. Yay.
  4. There's a very excited little person who also gets to enjoy the experience this time around - is there anything cuter than a chubby finger pointing to your bump and exclaiming "Bubba!"
  5. It's a girl!
Tell me, what were/are your expectations of your second, third, fourth (or more!) pregnancies? Have you had the same experience as me?


  1. Mine had been totally different this time around. I am nearly 20 weeks and I also experienced morning sickness. My bump is a little bigger than last time (this time last time I was still flat as a tack!) I have had back pain which I have never had in my life. And loving it so much more (I think that's because it took us so long to conceive this time around!)

    1. So interesting to hear your experience Nathalie - can definitely relate to the back pain part too, but can understand why given I'm picking up a chubby toddler each day as well as growing a little human! You must be due at a similar time to me too. Hope the next couple of months go well for you - keep me posted! x


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