Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A little perspective

I, along with Kiwis across the country and around the globe, have been glued to the America's Cup racing these past few weeks. It seems we are all desperate. Desperate for them to win against all odds.

The racing today was particularly hard to watch, and now with the end in sight it comes down to the final race to determine who will get the Cup. Either way, my nerves and heart will be glad when it's all over. As I watched the second of today's races, standing in my living room cheering passionately at the brilliant start Dean Barker gave the team and then promptly sitting back down near to tears when Oracle passed us again, I became aware of a little presence in the room. My son. Cheering along with me without any idea what he was doing, I could see he was watching my every move and reaction, and I saw his face drop when mine did too.

It gave me a little perspective.

My carefree toddler definitely doesn't need to see Mummy in a pathetic inconsolable state over the TV. I'm also 34 weeks pregnant with our second bub, and I'm sure she doesn't need the extra adrenalin and stress that this little ol' boat race is providing. I realised that I have to be a good role model now. Teaching good sportsmanship and all that, rather than a vocabulary of swear words.

Time to pull myself together I think!

The outcome of tomorrow's race shouldn't matter to me, really. It matters to the men on that boat whose blood, sweat and tears have been shed. It matters to their families who have supported them for the past few years in their quest, and been their shoulder to cry on after a bad day at the office. But it shouldn't matter to me, because I'm just along for the ride and there to enjoy watching an exhilarating boat race. It would be wonderful to celebrate with them tomorrow, but if not, life will go on.

*Tell me, are you a sporting fanatic too?

Still waving the flag and keeping the faith - go Emirates Team New Zealand!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

It's all coming together

We moved to New Zealand six months ago, and today feels like my first day of peace. I haven't even been able to contemplate a blog post until this moment, due to all the 'to do' lists in my head and busy-ness in my life.

It feels good to now be sitting at my new desk (yes, I actually have a desk!), with a hilly urban view in front of me, office paraphernalia in various shades of antique pink around me, and an urge to write something. I am taking advantage of the fact both of my babies are asleep - one in his big boy bed that seems ridiculously grown-up for him, and the other in my tummy who is due to make an appearance any day now.

These past few months have been action packed but there are just a couple of things I want to share with you, by way of an update.

We are blissfully content.
We are laughing daily.
We are deliriously busy.
We are lucky.

And I will write again soon!

Finally, some time for Latte Mum