Wednesday, 2 October 2013

These are the people I don't understand

I was never prepared for the emotions that accompany motherhood.

I was prepared for bathing a newborn, I was prepared to change thousands of nappies, I was prepared to breastfeed for as long as was feasible, I was prepared for months upon months of sleepless nights. I was even prepared for post-natal depression, making sure my husband knew the signs to look out for and knew what to do, just in case I needed help.

But, I wasn't prepared for the extreme emotions I've inevitably felt in the past two years.

I have wept with happiness when cradling my baby in my arms and rocking him to sleep at night, feeling completely blessed that he is healthy and contented. I have become utterly enraged at careless drivers who have endangered my precious cargo on the road. I have experienced intense fear when my husband's home late from work, as I'm adamant the worst must have happened. I have loved my little family harder than I ever imagined possible, and wonder how I'm ever going to let my son go forth into the world without worrying about him endlessly.

I see my son's face in every child around me, in every child on TV, every child on the news, every child I read about. I see the similarities, the same expressions, hear the same cries, and delight in the same giggles. I imagine every parent feels this way - a sort of kinship and desire to protect every child out there, because you know how precious they are and you would hope someone would do the same for your child if the need ever arose.

That is why I don't understand some parents. I don't understand them, and in fact, I unashamedly dislike them with an intense passion.

I don't understand parents that neglect their children - letting them go hungry while they smoke another cigarette. I don't understand parents that say cruel, mean, hateful insults to their children in a moment of their own weakness, forever scarring them in the process. I don't understand those that abuse children, in any way shape or form, I just don't understand how they can bring themselves to do it.

It has been going on for too long, and it must stop.

**Latte Mum note: here is a really interesting site on this topic and provides quick links on ways in which you can speak out and help:

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