Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Back to basics

Being a mum can be so complicated at times.

Some days even the simplest of tasks seem overwhelming and unsolvable - it's worst when I'm tired, the kids are tired and a million things needed to be done half an hour ago. It's on these days that I usually decide to cram in a bunch of unnecessary super-mum duties too, like a fancy meal with a gazillion steps and hours of preparation or a mega arts and crafts afternoon involving glue, paint, glitter and other messy materials that require constant supervision and days of post-creating clean-up.

But today is a simple day, and it's made me realise that perfection can often be found when we strip everything back to basics.

Today I'm doing easy homemade food for my toddler, like vegemite and cheese on rye with slices of apple on the side.

I've opened up the sliding doors, wrapped the little one up in a jumper and warm pants, and sent him out to play on the lawn in the fresh air.

My baby is sitting inside on her blanket, bathed in a patch of sun, and playing contentedly with two coloured blocks. Clearly happy to have her things to herself for once, while big brother is otherwise occupied.

Lo and behold, they are both happy entertaining themselves for five minutes without their mother in their faces all the time. I quickly get over that pang I feel when I realise they don't need me as much as I think they do.

So I'm now perched upon a bar stool at my kitchen bench, with dirty dishes concealed in the sink and the morning's mess behind me out of view (it can wait). I'm drinking a hot cup of coffee, flicking through the paper (before midday - amazing!), writing this blog and intermittently checking on the two smiling poppets. I'm so happy.

Maybe if we go for a walk to the playground this afternoon, I'll be rewarded with bathroom breaks without an audience. Just maybe.

Who knew basic pleasures could be so good.
Nothing better than bare feet on grass
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