Sunday, 17 August 2014

More changing perspectives in Week 2...

This has been another topsy turvy week in the world.

Driving horizontal rain and hail giving way to double rainbows. Unspeakable horrors happening to children on the other side of the globe. Cabin fever. Funny man Robin Williams passing on. "Mum mum mum" from baby girl's lips for the first time. Holiday booked. Colourful pictures galore. Plenty of rest.

I feel I've been writing a bit about how a change in perspective can instantaneously make the sun shine. This point has been proved to me time and time again this week.

During a particularly bad cabin fever moment, with an antsy toddler and bored baby and torrential rain ruling out an afternoon walk, I decided I just had to switch things up. Usually I'd be content with puzzles, The Wiggles and playdough on a day like that, but the kids weren't having a bar of it. Thinking in a Mindfulness way, I threw some extra layers and gumboots on Mr 2 and set him up on the balcony undercover with his easel and paints. He had a ball out there making a messy masterpiece and dodging the occasional rain drop that flew his way. Little Miss had a prime viewing spot from the warmth inside, and happily watched Pint-casso at work. It bought me about 30 minutes of contented children and a minute to catch my breath. Success.

Later in the week I was feeling uninspired with the next steps on our home redecoration project, I know, first world problems. I've almost finished my Interior Design Diploma - which I've been enthusiastically studying in my "spare time" - and now I just really want to put the finishing touches into our house properly and thoughtfully. Except, I just couldn't see how all the pieces and ideas were going to fit. Tired of messing about with 2D floor plans and mood boards, I decided to roll up my sleeves and get on with it. So as soon as the kids were up from their naps, we did some rearranging. The littlest one had a front row seat to all the chaos, while my strapping young man helped push and pull the couch here and back there and then back over here again. The physical exertion of doing it all, the feeling of just getting on with it instead of thinking and imagining all the time, and the end result made the whole exercise thoroughly worth it. We all stood back after a short while and admired our new living space - not dramatically different - but it was a different perspective and a better arrangement. Suddenly, the colours and fabrics and ornaments that I had in mind for the room just worked, and I could suddenly see how it would all come together.

And even later in the week, my beautiful sister and I and our gaggle of kids visited the Museum on another rainy day. How fabulous are Museums and libraries and galleries?! So full of interesting, tangible items from the world. It was a welcome change of scenery, a different place to explore, a new place to eat lunch and too many nooks to poke our noses into in just one morning. We will go back again, many times I'm sure.

The daily meditations have been going well. I still find myself wishing them to hurry up - even though the meditation for Week 2 is only 15 minutes in length - but am trying to focus on the process rather than just passively sitting through them. For me, they are starting to provide a level of calm in my life that I'm welcoming with open arms.

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