Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sunny skies (still on Week 3)

I've been doing my own form of meditation this week.

There's two variations. One involves standing on the beach and watching the waves roll in, and pointing out flocks of seagulls to the kids, and spotting Hairy Maclary-style dogs lolloping along, and squinting at the horizon to look out for any jumping fish.

The other involves a rhythmic dance at the park, consisting firstly of pushing two little cherubs in side-by-side swings, and then catching them as they zoom down the slippery slide.

OK, so it's not quite the meditations I'm supposed to be doing as part of my Mindfulness Week 3 routine, but I've found it very hard to make time for these when the sun is shining, the ocean's glistening, and the jasmine is blossoming. Spring is in the air.

Feeling better, feeling refreshed, feeling rejuvenated is intoxicating. I don't feel as though I need Mindfulness as much anymore, but I've made a commitment to learn all of the meditation techniques as per the book, and know that I need to continue if I truly want to change the way I'm thinking about life for the better. So, I've decided to do the Week 3 meditations again for another week, and do them properly this time.

Can I also just say, I have LOVED hearing from you all out there via Facebook, email and the Mouths of Mums posts I've been doing on this topic. The mums that feel the same as I do and aren't sure where to turn next, the ladies that have been where I am and have already used Mindfulness and other techniques to make a real difference in their lives, the new friends that have decided to read the book too and join me on this journey - I am amazed and so grateful to you for sharing your stories with me.

Your positive energy makes a difference.

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