Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Grab a latte and get inspired at Flicker & Flock

Hello beautiful Latte Mums + friends...

It has been a long time between coffees, hasn't it?! I haven't forgotten about you + I hope you haven't forgotten about me, because as I said last year, I've been busy creating something really special just for you... Flicker & Flock, a creative haven of DIY goodness, pretty party pom poms + easy-yet-wow ideas to add more sparkle to your day.

I would love you to check it out + let me know what you think!

It has definitely been a labour of love. When I decided to refocus and plan for the future of Latte Mum about 6-months-ago, and then decided to rebrand and start fresh, my thinking was (as it usually is) "how hard can it be?!" The answer to that question - particularly when you're a fulltime mum of two pre-schoolers, have no design experience let alone website design experience + no computer coding knowledge what-so-ever - is, VERY HARD! I didn't realise how little spare time I actually had until I did this. I snatched time whenever I could to work away on making Flicker & Flock fabulous, and consulted Mr Google numerous times to help me understand what on earth I needed to do to build this website. Honestly, following this amazing time management strategy was the only way I got to the end.

So, my lovely friends, Latte Mum is not dead + it is not finished, she has just evolved and spread her wings to fly over to Flicker & Flock. Please join me there for the same Latte Mum vibe, but with added prettiness + interiors + DIY projects + perfect party ideas thrown in too.

Please note: If you've subscribed to the Latte Mum emails, you should be automatically subscribed to the Flock VIP list to be first in line for all Flicker & Flock updates + freebies. If you don't start getting these emails, you can subscribe manually at the bottom-left of the home page. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time by simply clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any of the Flicker & Flock emails you receive.