About Me

I’m Mel, a 30-something mum to a growing toddler and soon-to-be one other!

After living in Sydney Australia for the past 7 years, we have recently moved our little family back to NZ and are now in a whirlwind of settling into life here. I have a wonderful, humorous, supportive, charming and sometimes-IT-geek husband, who stole my heart almost 10 years ago.

Given I went to an all girls school and have four sisters, living my adult life with two men in the house makes for a refreshing change!

For me, life has always been about family, happiness and love with a healthy dose of holidays, wine, food and entertaining thrown in... and I always find the world seems brighter after a good latte!

In my life sans children I travelled the world, worked crazy hours as a PR chic, tested the latest Sydney hangout every weekend, drank way too much coffee and loved a good dance.

Since becoming a mum I travel the local parks, work crazy hours, test out the latest cafe & playground every week, drink even more coffee and dance at every opportunity. I've also rediscovered a passion for writing and have loved seeing the world in a whole new way through my son's eyes.

Nothing's changed and yet everything has changed - I'm a mum, and I couldn't feel more blessed.

Contact me at mel@lattemum.com

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